Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Very productive weekend

So last week, I was really unmotivated to post anything so I promised myself that I would be uber-productive this weekend and would have a bunch of awesome green posts to write about today.
Friday: Nothing useful ever gets accomplished on a Friday, this one being no exception, unless you count drinking too much wine and photobombing strangers as useful.
Saturday: We finally got internet (seriously, 4 months without internet, I was starting to have the shakes) so clearly nothing was being accomplished that day, but I had very high expectations that Sunday would be very incredibly productive and fulfilling.
These are not the exact moldy strawberries, but you see one you've seen them all.
Sunday: We woke up and started making breakfast, which turned out to be us picking the least moldy strawberries from the box we bought from a man on the corner, and just as we got to the point where we had to figure out which project we would tackle first the boyfriend (who from this point onward will be referred to as "love of my life" so he will not feel objectified, and also because he is the love of my life and I would never want to refer to him on a blog in any manner that made him feel like he is not a valid, intelligent man.  So anyways, the Love of my Life is all like, "we should totally give Pan (our cat) Bieber Fever and make him a toupee and videotape it and put it on the internets and we will be rich."  And I was all like, "YES. This is happening."  At that point my excitement got ahead of me and I started making suggestions about changing it to beaver fever and finding a beaver to dress up as the real Justin Bieber and then Pan would stalk the beaver in the video and it was all going to a bad place, so LOML cut me off and decided to check youtube* to make sure no one else had carried out our genius plan first.  Hunger be damned, the moldy strawberries would have to wait.

So it might shock and dismay you all to learn that we are definitely NOT the only people in the world to have thought of giving our cat Bieber fever, and it is not always a case of fun and games, sometimes it is more a form of kitty torture:
Seriously, is she Justin Bieber singing to the kitty or is the cat Justin?  What is going on?   Why is she seducing her cat?  Why would anyone allow this to be on the Internet?  She didn't even really seem to know all the words, which seems kind of half-assed for a pervy cat serenade music video.

This one is actually pretty funny due to the cat dancing, although he doesn't really hold a candle to Pan's dancing**.

And then this one.  LOML astutely pointed out that the kitten appeared to be trying to turn the song off.
 I have a feeling this is one of those situations where the owner will take a fall in the kitchen, and someone will find them days later and their cat will have eaten their face.  I'm just saying, if you force your cat to listen to Justin Bieber, he will eat your face.  But Pan is exempt from this rule, because technically we were too lazy to even give him Bieber fever, and also because he is always very enthusiastic about being our source of  entertainment.

Totally unrelated update: Here are some pictures of our cat in his favorite Pirate costume!

*It is really funny to see the videos on the youtube homepage that they suggest for you.  Mine are all nerdy Harry potter stalker videos, shark attacks, and cats that bark. Now it will all be Justin Bieber fan videos. Sigh.

**Pan's dancing might not be altogether willful and consenting.

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  1. Ew, the cat seduction video is not OK! I'm calling PETA.