Thursday, December 13, 2012

No One Cares About Halloween Anymore...

But I'm going to post about it anyways, because I forgot to 2 months ago, when it would have actually been timely.  Behold, this is what takes up my free time from Sept - Oct, and also makes it impossible for me to pee at night without scaring myself shitless.  I get asked for pictures of our parties from friends that miss out, or more likely because then it will get me to stop talking about my Halloween decorations, o I'm putting them up here in the off chance that some rich person will come across this site and want to pay me a lot of money to turn their home into a living nightmare. Enjoy!

Hot coals made with fire string lights and spray foam.

Portrait hallway

Jungle bathroom
Another homemade book out of dollar store materials.  This one is a tutorial on renting out condos.
More of the jungle bathroom

Aaaand another homemade book.

Overall, I would rate this as kind of a boring entry, and those pictures are terribly out of order, but not much you can do about it now, you're at the end.  Special thanks to cousin Herm for taking these pictures, you are the best.