About Me

As I grew up, I always felt a little bit like Taffy.  I would get pulled and stretched one way, but then change my mind and go another.  When it comes to a career, I had a lot going for me -- supportive family, an incredible life partner/soulmate, and the luck to have had a well-rounded education with not too much student loan debt, yet I found myself floundering while I watched my friends find their way in this world.  When there is so much to love in the world, and so many opportunities abound, how does one make up their mind?  I've always had a knack for finding the diamond in the rough, have a passion for DIY, and once an idea edges into my mind I make it happen against the odds, but my fickleness is my curse.  One week, I want to do nothing but pack a backpack and travel and the next, I'm nesting and antiquing a new fireplace.  I would set my mind on being a graphic designer, then convince myself that my true calling is writing a YA novel.  

This always kept me from forging on in one distinct path, but in this blog and my shop I have found a place where I can be whatever I want to be that day.  I can scour delightfully dusty antique markets, build a fairy castle, or research the newest raw superfood, and instead of quieting down all those competing voices in my head, I let them all shout at me at once and whichever is loudest decides who I am that day.  Crazy?  Yes, but as a Charles Bukowski once said, “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.”